Monday, December 07, 2009

New 'Upgrade' feature in Windows Azure quite nice

You created a Hello World Sample like I did and wondering what if you wanted to run another sample with your account. 1 token in CTP gives you just one hosting service. You have the option to delete your service and create a new service.

I was not prepared to do this because I was not sure whether I still retain the ability to create a new service.

I went back to my Hello World project and made changes to the Default.aspx and then rebuilt the project and published it again. This time, in the Windows Azure portal, I chose to make a upgrade in the staging area. It took quite sometime (when I was holding my breath). But finally it did work as intended. Quite good.

The new upgrade approach can directly upgrade an incremenatl version in 'Produciton' rather than going thru' 'Staging ' first. Reduces time to deploy.

OK. Now, can you make it a little faster?

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