Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Experience installing VPC on a brand new PC with OS - Vista Home Premium

I tried installing Virtual PC in order to install VS2010 and I get the message, "You are not running on a supported operating system...", etc. When I went ahead anyway it seems that Virtual PC (at least the console) can be installed. I have in mind to install Windows 7 which is not one of out-of-the box OS supported, the "other" has very small memory and disk space specified. I chose the representative closest as Windows 2008. I probably invited disaster. As I was capturing images of the installation screens ( a normal practice with me), the mouse began behaving as if punch drunk and the cursor started wandering over the monitor listless and finally I had to hard boot. It is somewhat of a nightmarish experience. The computer (a note book with enough memory and disk space, there is no other program on it presently except the VPC) is brand new and I wonder what will happen if I do install something worthwhile.

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