Saturday, June 13, 2009

Configure Data Source Wizard in Visual Studio 2008 and MS Access 2003 Data Source.

Recently I tried to connect to the Northwind database on MS Access 2003 using the Configure Data Source wizard and I found these problems.

No 1:
It is suggested to,"choose Browse button to locate a file on your computer". The browse button should therefore display the computer folders but what it does is to display the Project folders shown here.

No 2: Now I use the other option. I add a new item to the AppData folder - the Northwind.mdb file. I provide the relative path to the added file in the Configure Data Source wizard as shown in the next figure.

Now when I click next, this is what I get.

Well, the application is on line and more over the firewall is turned off. This leaves no choice but to go thorough code to get connected. Perhaps this is a quirk of this installation! or is it a bug.

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