Saturday, March 14, 2009

Silverlight 2 and the browsers

I have a Silverlight project I am working with.The ASPX page does not show up at all (no message at all) when browsed with Opera 9.1. On the rest of the browsers (IE8.0 RC1, Firefox , Google Chrome and Safari on WoS) the page function as intended.

The HTML page does show up on Opera but the click event does not get evaluated. On the others the page function as intended.

Another interesting thing was the 'background' attribute does not seem to be the same for all controls in XAML (I only tried three). The button seems to inherit color from quite a different source than the TextBox and the ListBox controls as you see in this rendered page. The elements are Button, Textbox and ListBox top to bottom. The first figure is when the page is displayed (HTML or ASPX) and the second figure is after the button click event. All controls have the same background(color) BlueViolet

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