Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Google Chrome Installation - No Fuss

Go to


Accept license by hitting Accept and Install button

You will be downloading the CromeSetup (474KB) file. Double click and in less than 3 screens you are finished installing.

When you double click ChromeSetup you start up a Google Chrome Installer which works really fast. When it is done you have the browser open on your desktop. Before it gets installed it seems to import stuff from IE.

It also makes an entry into the Add/Remove Programs window in the Control Panel.

The Google Chrome Welcome page shows up as shown here.

Hitting View all features shows more details of its features as shown here.

New tab, New Window can be opened from here.

Here you can access the tools,

One of the important menu items is Options. Here is what you see in the Options. Here I am setting up the Home page to open at my blog site:

A little 'Home' icon will be added to the toolbar with the chosen option.

It has a 'Minor Tweeks' tabbed page as shown,

What you see under the hood is quite a lot,

Close this out and open the Home page. Here it is in all its chrome glory.

IE installs are time consuming. Firefox is OK but too frequent upgrades. Well, Chrome on that score appears fast without a fuss.

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