Wednesday, December 20, 2006

New articles for this week 12/20/2006

For this No.1 Mobile Device related article which is Part 2 of an earlier article

Deployment of the MobiLink Synchronization Model Wizard in SQL Anywhere 10

Did you find it easy to import an XML file into oracle 10G XE? Read this article.
Loading and Unloading XML Files Using Oracle 10G XE

So easy to navigate between web pages, read on.
Page Navigation using Sun Java Studio Creator 2

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

MobiLink in SQL Anywhere 10 - You will be hearing a lot about it.

SQL Anywhere 10 has the right answer for you if you are looking at a highly scalable solution that will end all your mobility related problems. This article looks at creating a model that can be used to synchronize with a SQL 2005 Server Database using MobiLink. The article that will be following soon will discuss the deployment of this model. What used to be script based process has been taken over by a wizard.

MobiLink Synchronization Wizard in SQL Anywhere 10

Page navigation using Sun Java Studio Creator is so easy

Yes it is really very simple and you need not see your java coding at all. If you are comfortable with HTMl and you are good at right clicking an icon you are done. Read for your self...

Displaying Linked Pages with Creator2 Using Page Fragments

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Marquee or no marquee?

Marquee or no marquee?

IE 7.0, FireFox 2.0, and Opera 9.01 supports it why not W3C?

November Article List

These articles are slated to go online sometime in December. Look out for them on the sites.

Working with Stored Procedures in an MS Access Project
Creating and Using Action Queries

Updating records in MS Access
Creating Data Access Pages with Charts using Office Web Components

Rich Internet Applications with Dojo Toolkit 101
On using the tooltip, dojo widget

Page navigation using Sun Java Studio Creator 2

Exploring the Header in WSE 2.0 SoapEnvelope Class - Part 2

Managing Windows Services with Visual Studio 2005

Loading and unloading XML files using Oracle 10G XE

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Dojo LayoutWidget in three browsers.

The three browsers used in this test were IE 7.0, Fore Fox 2.0 and Opera 9.01. IE 7.0 appears to display intended layout design.

The code used:

The following screen shot is a composite from the three browsers:

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Don/t miss this article: Copying an Oracle 10G XE Table to SQL 2005 Using VS 2005 and SSIS

This article is both about Oracle XE 10G and SQL 2005. It's also step-by-step all the way, my signature methodology with a minimalist approach.

Copying an Oracle 10G XE Table to SQL 2005 Using VS 2005 and SSIS

Well it did have another title from the SQL 2005 perspective.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Microsoft does it again

Goodbye to Data Access Pages in Access 2007

I had the pleasure of test driving Access 2007 (beta) to find out that Microsoft no longer supports Data Access Pages which it touted for several years. This is a typical Microsoft refrain. Microsoft is very good at reinventing software for generating revenue. Now you go and buy yourself a SharePoint Server if you want to collaborate.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

More Sun Java Studio Creator2 tutorials

These articles were written while verifying how well the new product turned out compared to an earlier version. I find it very much improved in many ways. I still find it somewhat slow compared to my experience with VS 2005, or Oracle. So far whatever I have seen I have liked with this version. I welcome your comments if it can improve what I am doing.

Displaying Data from a Data-centric Web Page with Sun Java Creator 2

Connecting to SQL 2005 Server from the Java Studio Creator

JSP Consumer for a Visual Studio Created Web Service Using Sun Java Studio Creator

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Outsource the students?

I quote New York Times (an article by By WINNIE HU),

"School Districts With Officials but No Schools? New Jersey Has Them ".

If the party involved in the above were to be a private individual, or an organization we would called it just 'scam'. It's a joke we can do without.

This shows only part of the problem with school districts. For the enormous amount of property taxes collected, the results are appalling. We spend way too much on the schools and the returns are below average.

Do we know how much India, China, and Russia spend to educate a student?
I believe this is a very relevant question since we want to be globally competitive. It's time we look at the money spent on schools and start asking questions such as, 'should we outsource our students?'

Thursday, November 09, 2006

The most beautifual source code

I totally agree with MarkCC on this feature of the 'Piet' programming language.
Here is the source code for the well known "Hello World" in Piet Language.

Well, this happens to be the source code
Read this interesting article by Mark C. Chu-Carroll from whose article the 'source code' is copied

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Why should I upgrade to Windows Vista?

Well really there is no necessity. I ran the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor and I can only see negative points.
I am running Windows Media Center Edition presently and I see no reason to upgrade for the following reasons although Microsoft recommends that my machine is Vista Ready (with several hidden threats).

Problems which needs my attention:
I need a HD Audio Driver otherwise I will loose audio
I have to make sure that my video card supports TV Output*
I have to have an approved TV tuner card
I need to upgrade my Video Card.-I don't care for the Windows Aero™ user experience
whatever it is.
*Frankly I hate to watchTV on my Computer

On the programs side:
J2SE Runtime Environment 5.0 (Version will not work
Microsoft SQL Server VSS Writer does not work
Sonic MyDVD Plus does not work--What is it anyway?
Microsoft Works(version8.4.621) does not work(no pun intended)*
*By the way Microsoft Works which comes as a baggage on all the computers I ever bought is an uselss appendage. I have never used it and will never use it.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Notes on Binary Democracy

Binary democracy is the flavor of democracy in USA. For all these years it is either the Republicans or the Democrats. Well in a nation with such variety and color, it cannot all be black or white. The hall mark of democracy must be plurality which is sadly missing. Yes, there are others just so we can cite that there are others. They are of no consequence as they lack the 'grease' that is required to gain a following. As for me, while voting, I look for any third party and vote, no matter what they stand for. May be someday some other party will make it to the top.
When it comes to voting on public questions I am at least on a firmer and clearer ground.

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Read all my articles at

Well, some of this may be what you are looking for...

19 Oct 2006 Creating a Crosstab Report in Visual Studio 2005 Using Crystal Reports
24 Aug 2006 Building a SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Package Using Visual Studio 2005
28 Jun 2006 Creating an MS Access 2003 Front End for an Oracle 10g Express Edition Database
16 May 2006 Generating and Hosting a SQL Server Reporting Services Report Using SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Development Studio
16 Feb 2006 MS Access Project Using Multiple Web Services
05 Jan 2006 Exploring the Pipeline Class Using Web Services Enhancements SP2

Links to my Oracle 10G XE articles

Look out for more articles...
Developing Applications on Oracle 10g XE: Generating a Report
Creating an Oracle Web Service Client for a Web Service Created in VS 2005
Migrating from Oracle 10G XE to SQL Anywhere 10
Loading Spread Sheet Data into Oracle 10G XE
Experience the possibilities with Oracle 10g Express Edition
Using Query Builder in the Oracle 10g Express Edition
Learning to query in Oracle XE
Step-By-Step guidance in Importing data from Oracle XE to SQL 2005
SQL Script support in Oracle 10G Express Edition
Creating an MS Access 2003 Front End for an Oracle 10g Express Edition Database
Using Oracle Developer Tools with Visual Studio
Copying a Table from Oracle 10G XE to SQL 2000 Server using DTS
Displaying an Oracle 10G XE Table with Visual Basic 6.0

You want to create a Crystal Report using Visual Studio - No Problem

Generating a Simple Crystal Report using VS 2005

Nothing can be simpler. This above tutorial, Generating a Simple Crystal Report using VS 2005, describes the basic steps needed to create a report using the wizard. The Crystal Report creation process is extremely easy and fast. The interface is very intuitive. If you have worked on any other reporting software such as the earlier versions of Crystal Report, creating Crystal Reports in VS 2005 is a piece of cake.

October articles are ready

This is the line up of articles to be published at a site near you.

SqlAnywhere 10 & MS SQL 2005 Server:
MobiLink Synchronization Wizard in SQL Anywhere 10 - Part1: Creating a model
MobiLink Synchronization Model Wizard in SQL Anywhere 10 - Part 2: Deployment

Oracle10G XE and Java
Multi-Table Queries with Oracle 10G XE
Querying Oracle 10G XE using Sun Java Creator 2

Sun Java Studio Creator2
Displaying linked Pages with Creator2 using Page Fragments

Creating a Nested Master Page
Loan Payment Calculator using ASPNET 2.0

Reporting Crystal and amorphous
Multi-table Report with SQL 2005 Reporting Services
Generating a Multiple-table Crystal Report using VS 2005

Data Access Pages
Finding matching records in Data access Pages

Web Services Enhancements 2.0
Exploring the SoapEnvelope Class in WSE2.0 - Part 1

Thursday, October 26, 2006

This is a good read

"they thought they were free' - the germans 1933-45, The University of Chicago Press, ISBN: 0-226-51192-8 is perhaps more far-sighted than most far-sighted books on the Germanic people. Milton Mayer's account of Nazism and the aftermath of the war is very compelling in its arguments. This book makes you understand not only WWII, but about all wars including the one in Iraq. How long will it take to change something which was there for time immemorial, something that is imprinted with indelible ink?

ADO command object you wanted to know

Read this article to get the full picture of ADO command object without using the Parameters collection which is associated with it.

ADO and the Command Object

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Who was G. W. M. Reynolds?

A master story teller

He was a contemporary of Charles Dickens but he lived as an exile in France. His exile had to do with his writings against the royalty. That is what my father told me a long time ago and my father has been living in Vaikunta for the past 33 years.

I read a large number of his books [encouraged by my father] and only recently I could find some information on them. I have given here a list of books I read, and enjoyed and urge the readers of my blog to check them out. These books are not easily available, probably extinct. The Superior Watch Company in Madras, India printed some of them many, many years ago on somewhat poor quality (state of the art) paper. They were available in the 60's in Madras's famous Moore Market. But now I cannot find them. Anyway here are some of his books with some information I got from:

Robert Macaire,” December 11, 1848.
Mary Price; or, The Memoirs of a Servant Girl,” November 1, 1851.
Joseph Wilmot; or, The Memoirs of a Man Servant,” July 29, 1853.
Rosa Lambert; or, The Memoirs of an Unfortunate Woman,” November 4, 1853.
Faust” was published by G. Vickers, 28, Holywell Street, February 13, 1847.
Ellen Percy; or, The Memoirs of an Actress,” January 10, 1855.
The Necromancer,” November 23, 1856.
Canonbury House,” December 5, 1869.
Mary Stuart: Queen of Scots,” September 3, 1860.
Pope Joan, The Female Pontiff,” May 3 [?], 1858.
I believe that it was in Faust I read about the conversation between the Devil and the
one who sold his soul to the Devil. It was very moving because the Devil admits that he gets often defeated by God and laments about it with great sorrow.

Vaikunta: The heavenly abode of Lord Vishnu and his consort Lakshmi. This is the destination for Sri Vaishnavas [those who believe in God Vishnu] when they leave this world.

Consider Sun Java Creator 2 for RIA

Displaying data the Sun way is Fun.

It's not only Microsoft that can deliver code less data display, Sun does too.

With Sun Java Creator 2, you can do everything you can with ADO.NET a la Microsoft.
Check out the following tutorial.

Displaying Data from a Data-centric Web Page with Sun Java Creator 2

Going to use ADO Data Control--You must read this article

Three ways to go

ADO control is Pre.NET era's most versatile data control from Microsoft. There are three ways you can hook them up and this article gives the full dope on these.

On Wiring Up an ADO Data Control

I welcome your comments and suggestions.


Saturday, October 14, 2006

A very nobel story

But it is not a story. One man can still make a change. This is truly ennobling news this Saturday morning.

Log on to NY Times: Asia Pacific

Peace Prize to Pioneer of Loans to Poor No Bank Would Touch

Friday, October 13, 2006

RAD on Steroids

It is true

It's not only athletes who take steroids, even programs can. AccessDataSource control takes you the very center of RAD. Writing code is almost reduced to a single line. No more connection strings that tangle here, there and everywhere. Most of what you want to do can be done at design time. The IDE even gives you a query editor.Click the mouse a few times, sit back and relax. The article also shows how you may bind the data from this control to the Grid View control - datagrid on steroid, if I may say so.

Read this article:

Using the AccessDataSource Control in VS 2005

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Oracle Developer Tool Integration with VS 2003

This article gives you a clear introduction to this important toolset. You will see Oracle objects which can be dragged and dropped into VS Apps (but only with VS2003).

Using Oracle Developer Tools with Visual Studio

Hats off to Bronx Zoo

A real role model for other zoos

I quote from an article on 'Elephant Crakup?' which appeared in NY Times this morning.

Bronx Zoo, one of the oldest and most formidable zoos in the country, had announced that upon the death of the zoo’s three current elephant inhabitants, Patty, Maxine and Happy, it would phase out its elephant exhibit on social-behavioral grounds — an acknowledgment of a new awareness of the elephant’s very particular sensibility and needs

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Basic to advanced MS Access -Look no further

There are more than 20+ articles on MS Access from simple examples to migration where you can find answers to your basic to advanced questions.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Hodentek -eStore open for business

Hodentek - eStore
The purchases you make here will pay for some of the sites I maintain to help programmers like you and me. If you do find something you want to buy please buy from this site.


Monday, October 02, 2006

Everything you wanted to know about DTS

These articles should provide you a very good idea about how to use
DTS in SQL 2000 Server.

Copying a Table from Oracle 10G XE to SQL 2000 Server using DTS

Using Data Transformation Services: Can We Transfer XML Data?

Using Data Transformation Services: How to Configure a Dynamic Property Task

Using Data Transformation Services, Part 12:Import From / Export To a Non-Microsoft Database

Using Data Transformation Services: Capture Recordset with a Global Variable

Using Data Transformation Services: Using Global Variables with the DTS Designer

Using Data Transformation Services: Using DTS Lookups, Introduction

Using Data Transformation Services: Package Execution Using SQL Server Agent, Introduction

Using Data Transformation Services, part 7: Transferring Files with DTS

Using Data Transformation Services, part 6: Intro to Text Transfer with Filtering

Using Data Transformation Services, part 5: Package Execution with ASP.NET

Using Data Transformation Services, part 4: Using the DTS Designer Objects (continued-2)

Using Data Transformation Services, part 3: Using the DTS Designer Objects (continued)

Using Data Transformation Services, part 2: Using the DTS Designer Objects

Using Data Transformation Services - Part 1

September Articles that will go on line

The following artciles should be going on line any time soon at: and

VS 2005:
Generating a Simple Crystal Report using VS 2005
ASP.NET 2.0 Master Page in three steps
Web Site Navigation Using a SiteMap
Why and How of the SplitContainer Control
Secure Way of building Connection Strings - SqlConnectionStringBuilder
Basic Usage of MultiView and View Controls in ASP.NET

Using MSXML3.0 with VB 6.0
ADO:ADO and the Command Object
On wiring up an ADO data control

Data Centric Web Page with Sun Java Creator 2

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Basics of ADO's Stream Object

Read this latest article on the ADO's Stream Object. In the next you can read how you may manipulate files on the intranet.

Stream Object Basics

Friday, September 01, 2006

Generation foot. Take a look at this

Just follow this link to get the full story.

He is over a 100 and the hippo is a baby(wait till it gets bigger), but they find comfort in each other. It is these things that lighten up my heart. One good story like this enough to forget the massacre in Iraq, Lebanon, Israel and many other places.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Articles to appear on a forum near (not so!) you.

They all should be going on line at one of these forums.


Reading and Writing to files on the Intranet
Using ADO Record to Create and Navigate Intranet Files and Folders
Using ADO with SQL Native Client

Java & Web Services:

JSP Basics with Java Studio Creator 2 for VB Programmers
JSP consumer for a Visual Studio Created Web Service Using Sun Java Studio Creator

MS Access:
Data Access Pages accessing data on SQL Anywhere 10 Database

Visual Studio.NET and SQL 2005 Server:
Transferring a database using the SSIS Designer
Visual Studio Project using Oracle Developer Tools

Oracle 10G XE:

Importing a CSV text file into Oracle 10G Xe
Creating a table using Oracle 10G XE

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

End of August 2006 articles

Check out these new articles that went on line this week.

Connecting to SQL 2005 Server from the Java Studio Creator
Learn about connecting to SQL 2005 Server from the Java Studio Creator IDE, from one of the beta testers of the IDE. You'll also learn how to troubleshoot the connection, and more.

The Basics of Charting with the MS Chart Control
MS Chart Control 6.0 (OLEDB) is the MSChart20.ocx ActiveX control that you can use in VB 6.0 for creating charts. It is by no means an easy to use interface. This tutorial looks at some of the basic manipulations that you can do with this control. The next part will bidn i to ADO recordset.

Oracle 10G XE User Management 101
You don't have to be a full time dba to manage this powerful database. It's so intutive.

Friday, August 25, 2006

XML in SQL2000 Sever - An article in four parts

XML in SQL 2000 was supported by a slap-on, band-aid type of effort.

XML and the SQL 2000 Server, Part 1

XML and the SQL 2000 Server, Part 2

XML and the SQL 2000 Server part 3: XML Data with XPath Queries

XML and the SQL 2000 Server, Part 4: Introducing SqlXml 3.0

This frankenstein has been replaced by a more robust and an integrated support in SQL 2005 Server. Look out for articles on web enabling databases with web services.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Must read article on SSIS

This is a must read article if you are working with Microsoft SSIS

Building a SQL Server 2005 Integration Services Package Using Visual Studio 2005

Published: 24 Aug 2006
The article deals with copying a table on the Oracle 10G XE database to a MS SQL 2005 server by creating a Business Intelligence Project and the Integration Services installed template. This illustrated article may be useful for those who intend to use the Visual Studio 2005 for developing Integration Service Packages.

You may also leave a comment on this article

Monday, August 21, 2006

Camille Claudel... so, so movie

Camille Claudel
Stealing work of co-workers is not new and it is as old as the earth itself. This movie makes our heroine Camille Claudel from mere paranoia to madness inviting the people in the white coat take her away.

Did Rodin steal Camille Claudel's creative ideas? I cannot say for sure. But from what I have learned from my own life, I would go as far as to say that if an opportunity exists it is irresistible for the one with the name and power to take advantage of the less advantaged. This is a fact of life. If you don't believe me, just watch some of the TV commercials where the boss usurps the underling's idea.

The movie was passable. Adjani is beautiful and Depardieu is not so bulky.

This movie by Bruno Nuytten got a rating of 'R', hard to understand.
My rating [On a rating of 0 to 10]: 3

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Movies seen

Human Resources(French)

Who said there is no age and sex discrimination in any of our contemporary societies?
This is a country agnostic, but quite transparent fact of our life. However, the laws of the lands seems to portary otherwise.

It's slow pace may not be suitable for those who want eye candy and
instant gratification.

Very nice movie by Laurent Cantet which you should not miss.
My rating [0n a scale of 10]: 5

Tous Les Matins Du Monde (French)
Love defies death and lingers on and grows for the hero, Saint Colombe whose
other obsession is his music. There is excellent music especially if you like
cello. Despite the bulky Depardeau the movie is very nice. If you get a chance
don't miss this movie.
My rating [On a scle of 10]: 4

In No Man's Land (Serbo-Croatian)
Quite a quiet masterpiece by Danis Tanovic.
It does a good job of dissecting a conflict, and portrays how political solutions to conflicts
are dished out to unsuspecting public and the media.
This is a must see movie.
My rating[On a scale of 10]: 7

Choosing the first item from a comma separated list in an Excel Cell

Excel spread sheet cells have text items separated by commas as in:
A1: abcd,efgh,iu0

These entries may be due to bad entry practices.
It is required to clean entry to retain only one item, the first
item in the comma separated list which may be pasted into another cell.

This VBA code picks the first item from a comma separated list
in cell A10.
Sub combine()
Dim rng As Range
Set rng = Range("A10")
Dim strg As String
strg = rng.Value
Dim txt As String
txt = fsrch(strg)
Dim txt1 As String
txt1 = fitem(txt, strg)
'MsgBox (txt1)
End Sub
Function fsrch(x) As String
fsrch = InStr(1, x, ",")
End Function
Function fitem(x1, x2) As String
fitem = Left(x2, x1 - 1)
End Function

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Release of July 2006 Tutorials

List of July 2006 Tutorials.

Highly relevant and focused articles that you must read. Oracle 10G XE, Sun Java Studio Creator, SQL Anywhere, SQL 2005 Server are great products for the evolving future, read and find out how you may leverage them.

Displaying Oracle 10G XE table with Visual Basic 6.0
Oracle 10G XE User Management 101
Copying a table from Oracle 10G XE to SQL 2000 Server using DTS

ADO's Stream Object
Opening a Record Object referencing an open Recordset Object
Displaying ADO retrieved data with XML Islands

Charting with MS Chart Control - the basics
Creating a chart using Data from a Database with MS Chart Control

Connecting to SQL 2005 Server from the Java Studio Creator

Download a Web Page using the WebClient

Vist my site for links:

The Dog Busters

China, where every dog had its final day!

Chinese get rid of 50,000 dogs in 5 days [Associated Press, Aug 1, 2006]. It appears that the owners were given 63 cents if they destroyed the dogs themselves. How did they come up with this number? Perhaps that is the limit of their budget.

I am not a great dog fan, bitten twice once in Australia and once in Brazil. In both cases, the animals bit me because they were maltreated by their owners or others. But still I think the Chinese over reacted.

In Western countries dogs are pampered, and in the east they are mostly neglected (this is coming from my Indian background). They are stray dogs; stay & live on the streets. Quite often you find them sleeping on their favorite manhole cover, or a little patch of their choice municipal gutter. They do seek human company. I used to be followed by a dog till I reached home everyday returning from school.

I am sure rabies must be quite common in India as well. In Bangalore, where I come from, you can find stray dogs everywhere. My brother is regularly attacked by dogs when he rides his scooter. The municipal dog catchers do come once in a while and catch them. But I do not know what happens thereafter. I believe they have some kind of a dog pound. Only recently human beings are appreciated for their economic potential and getting recognized. The dog, if it can show its potential will have its day.

All this does not mean that there are no dog lovers in India. It's just that there aren’t enough of them to take care of all these strays. We do have an active SPCA in all cities and towns.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

Munich,so movie

Recreation of the hostage taking at the Munich Olympics and the other terrible things that followed are the substance of this movie starring Eric Bana. Acting is mediocre not withstanding Steven Spielberg, but the movie has a few good shots of some European cities.
My rating(on a scale of 10) is 4.

Friday, July 28, 2006

Sun Studio Creator to SQL 2000...amazingly easy (2004)

Connecting to SQL Server 2000 from Sun JavaTM Studio Creator

This year 2004 article was previously on my password protected site:

It was amazingly simple to connect to a database on a SQL Server 2000 on the local machine to the Sun JavaTM Studio Creator. Connecting the Weblogic Workshop 8.1 application server to an SQL server was not this easy. In fact it was easier than connecting from VB/Visual Interdev to an SQL Server. When you start the Sun Java Studio Creator you will see a number of windows that come up for Project View, Properties, Palette, etc One of these windows is the "Server Navigator". Server Navigator folder structure is shown in the first screen shot.

When installed for the first time, the IDE comes up with its own "Travel" database in the POINT BASE server.

You can add other datasources from other database servers, such as MSSQL, Sybase, Oracle, etc. All that is needed is to right click on the Data Soures node to bring up the following dialogue:

If you click on the Add Source menu item, you will presented with the next dialogue:

Here you can name a data source( "Test Bibilo" ) for example.
You can choose the server type, in this case SQL Server
Next item is the database name, you must know what this should be before hand (If you do not know, open for example Enterprise manager and find by expanding the Databases node.
Next is the host name of the SQL Server, in this case 'localhost'(SQL Server is installed on the local machine)
The next two items are authentication information for the SQL Server, you should get it from your DataBase Manager. Database URL is an information required for the connection and this string is created by the IDE based on the previous selections depending on the type of database chosen This dialogue also shows tehe Driver Class, another piece of key inforamtion needed for making the connection. You may also test this connection before adding to the data sources folder. This is seen in the first screen shot where two datasources TestBiblio and TestPubs have been added in this fashion. Out of the box, this 'Early Access' software connects to the following databases at the indicated ports,

DB2 at port=50000
Oracle at port=1521
Pointbase Bundled at port=9092
SQL Server at port=1433
Sybase at port=5000

Jay Krishnaswamy, June 16, 2004

Monday, July 24, 2006

Compare bitmap files? Kidding!

Save them as *.txt file after opening with Notepad.exe
Then do a string comparison like in:
document.write("These bitmaps are the same: " & txt1==txt2);
Where txt1 and txt2 are bitmap files saved as *.txt files.

Movies I watched

"Secret Window" does grab your attention. Johnny's acting is good. It does look like it borrowed the thrills from 'A beautiful mind'.
My rating [on a scale of 10] 6

The French film, "L'HOMME DU TRAIN". It's good. All of us want to do something other than what we are doing now, in fact pining for it. Excellent ending.
My rating [on a scale of 10] 7

"The Devil Wears Prada" is passable comedy [if it can be called a comedy]. Merryl Streep is OK. Tucci is better.
My rating [on a scale of 10] 4

Friday, July 21, 2006

What about XML Data Island for Netscape and FireFox browsers?

XML Island is IE specific, in fact IE 5.0 and after, specific. For Netscape and FireFox you could blend-in script support as shown in this file Finnigans.htm.
<script type="text/javascript">
var xdoc=document.getElementById("xmlIsland)
<xml id="xmlIsland">
<xtest>Finnigan's wake</xtest>
This should show up in Netscape and FireFox producing an out put which is simply.

Finnigan's Wake

Do you have problems in coding for double quotes?

Try this script. Type it on Notepad and save it as .htm, or .html file. Make sure in the Save dialog you first set the file type to 'All Files'

<TITLE>Double Quotes </TITLE>
document.write("ok" & "<br>")
document.write(chr(34) & "OK" &amp;amp;amp; chr(34) & "<br>")
document.write("Now" & "<br>")
document.write(chr(34) & "" &amp;amp;amp; chr(34) & "," &amp;chr(34) & "" &amp; chr(34)& "," &amp; chr(34) & "" &amp; chr(34)& "<br>")
July 21, 2006<br>
Hello, Double Quotes
When you browse this file with IE you should see:

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random thoughts on my articles this week

SQL Anywhere 10 is still in Beta and soon it will be released. I think it is a very interesting product. I have worked with verion 9.0, and this version looks lot better.
Let's say I have a database on Oracle 10g XE around which I need to set up a mobile application, a migration of the table to SQL Anywhere would be just what I would be looking for.

XML Islands and ADO will be what I will be writing about next week or so...

This is possible only in ADO.NET 2.0. Too much RAD, I may forget how to code.

Creating a new database in SQL 2005 Server

Creating a new database in SQL 2005 Server

Step-by-step procedure to create a new database

It's very easy to create a SQL 2005 database using the SQL 2005 Server Management Studio. This has not changed very much from SQL Serve except that the GUI has changed somewhat and its architecture is more tightly integrated with the other services and the .NET framework. Let's go directly and create a database, and when you find time, read about it in the BOL [Book on line]. Of course you may send me an email, or look up my other SQL and database articles at:

I assume you have installed the SQL Server and you are the sa. Login and connect to the Database Engine as shown in the next picture.

If login is accepted you will see the next screen. Right click on the database node to reveal the drop-down.

On this menu click on New Database... sub-menu item.

This opens up the next window as shown. You must give a name, the name of your database; keep it simple by associating it with some functionality, like say Address_ Book, Accounting, etc. In fact this is all that is needed to create the database. I created a database called SsisEditor by typing "SsisEditor" in Database name box and clicked OK. Presto the SsisEditor database was created.

The program creates many objects in this database that are needed because the two files created during this process are important files with extensions *.mdf for data and *.ldf for the transaction log (a log for things that gets changed in the database).

Friday, July 14, 2006

Zidane apologizes but does not regret

It does not help France now, but at least he cares for some people. I am not sure whether he apologized by himself, or he was made to, by his manager. Now let's see what our italiano does?

In the mean time despite Copa de Mundo, I have been able to add a few more articles:

On Oracle 10G XE:

Creating an Oracle Web Service Client for a Web Service Created in VS 2005
Developing Applications on Oracle 10g XE: Generating a Report
SQL Script Support in Oracle 10G Express Edition

Exploring Dailogs Controls in VB.NET
Creating a Database Project in VS 2005

Explosion on Mumbai trains costed ~190 lives. The people who ride trains in Mumbai are the guys who carry food to the workers in Bomaby, milk men, daily workers who clean buildings, etc.
What a waste of human life? Misery would only appear ten fold more.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ADO with ASP

You may use the following:

I have created a system DSN called 'ForAsp' for your illustration
I have an IIS Server on my machine
I have this page in my root directory:
<%@ Language=vbscript %>

dim conn
set conn=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection") "DSN=ForAsp", "sa", "xxxxxxx"
dim rs
set rs=Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")
dim sql
sql="Select * from Employees" sql, conn
do while not rs.eof
response.write(rs("LastName") & "<Br>")

I call this file, hodentek.asp
When I browse this file on the local server using this http://localhost/hodentek.asp
I will see one line each, all the last names of employees in the Northwind's Employee table.
This should give some ideas to you.
Hope this helps.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

June 2006 Articles

New articles written during June 2006
Loading Spread Sheet Data into Oracle 10G XE
Migrating from Oracle 10G XE to SQL Anywhere 10
On Using AccessDataSource Control in VS 2005
Provider Factory in ADO.NET 2.0
On Using ADO's Record Object with URLS
Exporting XML from MS Access 2003
Importing XML into MS Access 2003
A demo using the Wizard Control in ASP.NET 2.0
The Why? and How? of XML Data Islands
Introducing Jasper (SQL Anywhere 10 Beta)

All these articles should appear on one of these sites:

This month was crowded with activities. There was World Cup and I wanted to watch my favorites (the Brazilian team) win, but alas! they did not.
The semi-finals between Italy and Germany was fantastic and there was a big party at Circo Maximo in Rome. How I wish I was there with a glass in my hand and my favorite girl, my wife with me? But anyway, I did put in some work to get the articles going.

Jasper (Sql Anywhere 10 in beta) is real cool.

Flex2 is not in beta anymore. I miss coding with it, because I cannot aford to buy it, just because I fancy it.

Exporting XML from Access 2003 works great, but not importing XML.

I did get this other article on Oracle 10G XE online as well in June. It's about creating a front end program for Oracle 10G XE using none other than MS Access 2003. Well, Oracle 10G XE also has an excellent built-in application tool. But it is always good to know an alternative method. Actually, MS Access 2003 does a good job of it. Read more on this at:
Creating an MS Access 2003 Front End for an Oracle 10g Express Edition Database

Thursday, June 15, 2006



Binding Data to Controls with MS Access and ADO
Read this article which shows you how to bind ADO returned record data to Taxt Box, List Box, and Combo Box Controls.

Using Query Builder in the Oracle 10g Express Edition
This article shows you how to use the Query Builder in Oracle 10G XE with some examples of single tables and multiple tables

Saturday, June 10, 2006

New articles written

Presently I am writing articles on the following:

Jasper Beta
Flex2 Beta 3

Will let you know the progress. Protection Status