Monday, December 11, 2017

Linius Video Virtualization

Video content need not be a black-box containing the various stuff that go into video like, images, audio, etc. Video Virtualization takes your video file and converts it into another file where the individual pieces in the original video can be edited.

Microsoft, Amazon and IBM are investing in Video Virtualization. Microsoft with the help of Magenic is making Video Virtualization available on Microsoft Azure.

Here is a video that explains Video Virtualization of Linius.

Linius has perfected Video Virtualization protected by patents that all the three previously mentioned cloud companies are using (going to use?).

This is serious stuff as most user experience these days are driven by videos, be it entertainment, news or anything else. Being a single technical source, Linius will profit hugely.

I was driven by curiosity and wanted to see how far I can go in creating a Virtual Video file using Linius Video Virtualization Engine (VVE). I did get to the part of bringing in my video file here: 
Video created to describe a visit to Amalfi in Italy.
I was able to get this file into VVE at this site:

When I tried to edit, the software broke my file (which was actually a slide-show) into attached individual frames for each slide. There were no controls in Step 2 where you can edit.

Anyway, I published it after the second step and it produced another file at the VVE site.
<!-- Paste this snippet into the DIV element on your web page -->    
      <iframe style='width: 100%;height: 100%;' src=''/>

Now I am not sure how to go from here to edit this '186490283' file.

Some of my unanswered questions are:

Do I need to get to the file on VVE site to edit it?
How do I edit it? Graphic User Interface? If Programmatic, how?
How do I use its features, Search, modifying content, introduce ads, etc.?

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