Friday, December 22, 2017

If you are a data scientist get this R package defines itself as an 'opinionated collection of R Packages'. This is a modest statment as tidyverse can do a lot of things.

Tidyverse is specialized group of packages for data science.  If you are familair with ggplot2, the most popular data visualizing packgage in R universe, then it is included in tidyverse in addition to more useful packages.

The 'Core' package consists of many useful packages but you can also bring in others in the package to work with it to enhance its usability above and beyond what it can do by itself.

Here are what you find in the core of tidyverse.

These are loaded when you load tidyverse. There are packages in tidyverse that you have to load separately using the library() such as:
readxl .xls and .xlsx
haven for SPSS, Stata and SAS data
and many others.

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