Monday, November 06, 2017

Pick and choose to install - Visual Studio Community 2017

Visual Studio has grown a lot and it is really humongous with several different kinds of Works loads.
You can install to work with all kinds of work loads or you can pick and choose on the page "Installing -Visual Studio Community 2017 - 15.4.2.

For example I have chosen to install the following:

Visual Studio core editor
.NET desktop development
ASP.NET and web development
Node.js development
Data science and analytical applications
Mobile development with .NET
Visual Studio extension development
.NET Core cross-platform development
Universal Windows Platform development
Data storage and processing
Mobile development with JavaScript

I have left out C++, Python, Azure, Office/SharePoint development, game development and Linux development with C++.

Choose your workloads here:

Just choosing the above I need a whopping ~54 GB that is just for using the English language pack.

You start your download here:

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