Sunday, December 04, 2016

Tour of Munich, Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Salzburg - 5


It was free day for those who wanted to explore more of Vienna. We opted to take the Danube river cruise. We went from Vienna to Dürnstein, after about an hour or more bus ride. We did some sightseeing of this town with the blue church over the hill and 16th century residences. It was typically a town for tourists with lots of shops, restaurants, wine shops etc. on both sides of narrow cobbled streets. We then boarded the boat at Dürnstein pier around 10:00 AM. The ride was for about 3 hours or more and the boat had an on-board restaurant. At a distance, you can see the castle now in ruins that had held Richard the Lionheart captive.  Lots of wine, beer and snacks could be exchanged for euros. We finally got off at a place called Melk (see map references) and visited the Melk Abbey.  It has an awesome library. We then drove to a winery at Pfeffel in der Wachau. The owner showed us round the orchard. We were served wine (free) but of course there were cheese plates and cold cuts as well (not free). They do not export their wine as the local market is strong enough. We returned to the hotel around 5:00 PM. Some members from our group went out to the city for more fun. We called it a day.

Here are some pictures in a slide show:

If you somehow cannot get to see the slides here is another option.

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