Saturday, December 03, 2016

Tour of Munich, Budapest, Vienna, Prague and Salzburg - 4


Vienna is a historic city in Europe with its fine music and arts. It has very nice restaurants albeit expensive. The area around the Imperial Gardens speaks volumes about its past glory. The Schonbrunn Palace which was very near to where we stayed is worth visiting.  It was built to surpass Versailles but comes somewhat short. The Gloriette at the elevated place looks very impressive. The city tour has lots of other interesting places like the Hundertwasser haus and the Mozart Statue in the Burggarten. The Albertina museum was somewhat of a disappointment. They were exhibiting 'Monet and Picasso'. The entry fee was expensive. The number of exhibits were small.Perhaps your impressions are different.

There was also an optional event, the Viennese traditional Heurigen dinner. We skipped. Being a vegetarian I would have been an inconsonant participant.

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