Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Java Developers can use Red Hat's extension for Microsoft's Visual Studio Code

The Red Hat's extension is based on what is called a Language Server Protocol(LSP).
Read this interesting post on LSP.  LSP is a new protocol for language and IDE interoperability based on JSON.

The extension is based on Red Hat's Java Language Server & JSON-RPC-20
This summarizes (Source: article by Paul Krill on InfoWorld Setp2016, ) the highlights of this extension as vocalized by one of Microsoft's engineer:

""When the extension is not present, VS Code can only provide syntax coloring while editing Java artifacts," he said. "When the extension is enabled, VS Code can assist developers with code completion, error reporting, code formatting, and similar features that developers are accustomed to from IDEs such as Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio."

I wonder anything like intellisense and code completion at the very least are also in this extension.

If you are interested in using it go here and get a copy:

I believe it is free. Install the extension and if you have JAVA 8 Development kit you are ready to go.

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