Friday, August 12, 2016

Pepper in Palo Alto

Another 6 days to go, Pepper the humanoid robot that can sense emotions will be in Palo Alto store b8ta between August 11 and 18.

Robot developed by SoftBank and a robotics company Aldebaran Robotics  was unveiled in 2014 and it can read human emotions and respond to them accordingly. For all the sophisticated features, it sells cheap, about $1900+. Pepper still needs battery and needs a charge after every 12 hours of use. It uses programming languages like C++, Python and Android.

It is a hot sell in Japan after it started selling in 2015, but may not come to USA any time soon as the local demand is high.

Because of its ability to read and respond to emotions it appears to be ideal for customer facing situations and has even gone on cruise ships to assist passengers.

The images are from Aldebaran's site.


Read more about Pepper here:

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