Thursday, August 04, 2016

Get the Windows 10 Anniversary Update if you are in the Microsoft Camp

Windows 10 Anniversary Update SDK build 14393 has been released. It has tons of improvements and enhancments (it appears about 2700) to the Universal Windows Platform.  This SDK allows you to take advantage of the enhancments. The APIs are easier to use and have a more natural approach for vision, speech, and writing.

These are the highlights of the improvements in this SDK:

Windows Ink:
To new controls InkCanvas and InkToolbar helps to incorporate pen easily with minimum code

Cortana APIs:
Cortana can be used in your apps. It is not just voive control but also actions that depend on voice.

Windows Hello:
Biometric identification using Windows Hello in Edge to authenticate users.

Desktop Bridge:
Modernize existing WIn32/.NET apps

Native BASH running on Windows

Xamarin as cross-platform tool

More details on SDK here.

Visual Studio 2015 Update 3 has the latest Windows 10 SDK
Get the update from the above link.
If you have an earlier version of Visual Studio 2015 you may install it right from the Visual Studio IDE as shown.

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