Thursday, May 26, 2016

What do Jaipur(India), Barcelona(Spain), Hamburg(Germany) have in common?

CISCO recently announced that Jaipur will be the first, Smart+Connectedtrade, Community Lighthouse City in South Asia. This credential has already been assigned to a number of cities world wide, Kansas, Barcelona, hamburg, Adelaide etc.

Jaipur will be getting the huge global network and channel capabilities of Cisco. This is only a part of the Digital India program.

Lighthouse program will be managed by a group to bring in the next gen technologies to this ancient city impacting 3.5 million residents and the over 40 million tourists that visit and engage with this community. The group will consist of CISCO, Qualcomm, GE and 3M which will launch the innovation center operated by Genpact.

Jaipur Development Authority will be a key player in demonstrating Jaipur becoming a global model of urban development with all the smart city infrastructure that will be developed.

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Here is a video of Barcelona SmartCity

Here is the video of Smart Hamburg

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