Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Must read whitepaper regarding AT&T and the IOT

Some people find it hard to define what the 'Internet of Things' means. It will be trivializing to say that IOT makes it easy to control your refrigerator or water your plants from your smart phone, etc. While IoT can do these things it has far wider scope and reach. Although IoT is a new buzz word, most of the items that are part of the IoT already existed. IoT came into existence when all/any of these were interconnected via Internet based communication services.

The diagnostics are as old as the problems that needed diagnozing and the sensors of various types were built to diagnose the problems (as a translating medium). This new awareness to wrap around Internet enablement around existing devices and problems and the great expectations of how the world view would change because of the enablement is what constitutes this appreciation.

In a sense, the major force behind this Internet based revolution is the advancement in communication technology and the major R&D investments to make this happen. It is no wonder some of the Internet providers such as AT& T would play a major role in this business.

Some of the details of how AT&T is involved in this growing Internet Based business are available in this White Paper in PDF format here (

These are some of the major IOT related activities vis-a-vis AT&T
  • The Connected Car opportunity
  • End-to-end Fleet Management
  • Transportation and Telematics
  • AT&T Smart Cities
  • AT&T Smart Grid
  • Supply Chain
Here are a couple of nice images copied from the white paper.

Connected Cars

 Fleet Management
 Connected City
 Supply Chain

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