Saturday, December 05, 2015

Windows Defender and the Trojan:DOS/Alureon.E

Recently my computer was infected by the Trojan: DOS/Alureon.E. The symptoms are, the browsers(Edge,FireFox) will not respond; the tiles menu is gone; the Cortana is there but does not respond.

I followed the procedure in my previous post and got some relief. However, it survived the next Windows Update and it was back again. It appears to be highly persisting.

I tried Windows Defender by running the scan again and removing the trojan (read my previous post) and it seems to partially recover, but again on the next restart of the computer (which is followed by the Windows Update!) the tiles disappeared and the browsers became inactive.

However, a new notification appeared indicating the use of the Windows Defender Offline (you can download if from here) and a clickable link to run the program. On activating this, the computer restarts and the off line tool starts working. It took almost an hour looking at over 100000 items on the computer. After the offline tool sanitizes, the computer restarts all by itself.

Again it looked like the tiles menu was absent, but after a sufficient (hissing and sighing) time after starting the tiles menu was active once again and the browers started responding. It appears to me that the Windows Update defeats whatever the defender program corrected.  I hope after the next restart I still have access to some useful browsers. No problem was observed when you right click the start to get the Windows 7 type experience.

Here are some screen shots.

The detection.

The details.

 The effort and the off-line tool

  The rest of the screen shots are on  my phone.

You can also download this program on a couple of media options

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