Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Microsoft's Javascript Engine Chakra will go Open Source

Going Open Source has become the modus operandi to get the most attention. I think this is a great move. Chakra (DOB 2008) is the an excellent JavaScript execution engine, the power behind the Microsoft Edge and other Microsoft Products.


It is characterized by dependable performance, reliability and ability to scale. Microsoft's move can only result in positive returns to the bottom line.
Of course only the Core parts will go Open Source as ChakraCore.

What is needed in a browser?
Start Fast
Run fast
Deliver great user experience using all that the hardware can offer.
absence of 'we are looking for a solution' messages.
absence of 'A slow running script..."  messages.

The last two are my expectation from any browser (all of the browsers suffer from this). According to msedgedev (dedicated to Microsoft Edge Development site) blog the first three of the above were achieved by a
"unique multi-tiered pipeline that supports an interpreter, a multi-tiered background JIT compiler, and a traditional mark and sweep garbage collector that can do concurrent and partial collections."
Here is a picture from the Edge site:

Chakra has reached out and influenced other applications such as,
Apps in stores
Server Side applications
Cloud Service
NoSQL Databases
Game engines
Front-end tools
Internet of Things

It is not just Edge Browser but a whole lot of Microsoft technologies from Azure to Xbox that has been benefited. Additionally Chakra supports most of ECMAScript 2015 features.
Actually you can go here and compare the browsers.

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