Friday, November 27, 2015

What! Computer for $5!

Raspberry Pi ()has come up with a computer for $5.

Well, even the other Raspberry PIs were not very expensive($20 ~$30). It also attests to the fact that IoT is catching on. It has become so cheap that some magazine (MagPi) gave it away to its readers bundled with the issue.

Image source of of Raspberry Pi Zero with MagPi is here.

According to a article (IDG News Service)  it uses a 1 GHZ ARM processor from Broadcom (BCM2835). It has 512MB RAM with the OS loaded on the micro-USB card. It has Micro-USB sockets for data and power including a mini-HDMI socket as well. It has a 40-pin GPIO and the circuit-board may require soldering by customers.

Here is a PDF document  for BCM2835 Processor.

Here is the YouTube video:

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