Sunday, November 01, 2015

Make time to attend the IOT World Forum, November 18-19

London, UK is the venue and you will have two days listening to all the big companies discussing the IOT.

All the big interested companies from AT&T to Qualcomm appear to participate.

I do not see Microsoft. The agenda is also very interesting such as the key note talks on day one of the conference:

9:00 AM
Keynote I: How Internet of Things is Creating New Businesses & Services Globally,
David Parker, SAP Global Vice President – Internet of Things, SAP

9:25 AM
Keynote II:  Connected Devices, Big Data and The Role of IoT Cloud Platforms,
Gayathri Rajan, Director, Product Management for Brillo, GOOGLE

9:50 AM
Keynote III:  Exploring The Future of Connected Cars with Retail and Infotainment!,
David Bunch, Vice President, SHELL (ROYAL DUTCH SHELL)

10:45 AM
Keynote IV: Launching New Services with IoT in The Connected Home Market,
James Monighan, Managing Director, Europe – SmartThings, SAMSUNG

11:00 AM
Keynote V: How IoT & Wearables will take Digital Healthcare to Next Level!,
Emmanuel Routier, Vice President M2M, ORANGE GROUP

11.25 AM
Panel Discussion: Latest IoT Trends & Opportunities Worldwide 2016 – 2017! ,
The panel discussion my turn out to be most interesting

Looks like connected cities, connected cars and connected Homes covers about most things that will be connected in the next few years. Here is the video from last year

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