Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A brief look at IBM MobileFirst Platform

The ever increasing role of mobile devices in both personal and corporate spheres has pushed companies to come up with a wide range of ideas. There are many perceived challenges and each company has its own set of strategies based on the mobile user needs and company resources.

IBM MobileFirst covers all platforms from desktop to cloud. IBM's purchase of Worklight in 2012 and the Cloudant database as a service in 2014 were all instrumental in structuring the IBMFirst Mobile Platform .

Here is a screen shot of the slide show. It is good mix of IBM Bluemix, Worklight Platform and Cloudant (Database as service).


The above slides are from a slide-show by Derek Baron on IBM MobileFirst Platform

IBM's MobileFirst platform takes into consideration the needs and addresses them by its unique platform features.

How is the app doing/ does it deliver what the user wants?
    App management-Single console to manage app versions and security; Push updates to hybrid apps by passing app stores
    Operations Analytics- Diagnose device, app and version for app performance; Measure app user behavior; Monitor security issues
    In-App Feedback and Crash analysis- Troubleshoot and diagnose, bug track
    Sentiment Analysis-App store review analysis, automated analysis
What about mobile app security?
    User authentication-existing or 3rd party security systems (Certificate-based, touch ID, LDAP Server etc); Multi-factor authentication; Disable app version, specific user or device using console
    App Authenticity-intellectual data, back-end data
    Encrypt local data-user identity to encrypt data
    Application scanning-hunt for code vulnerabilities; offer remediation

Device's context based personalization is highly desirable
    Location engagement- rules correlating local events with other data sources
    Location Analytics - customer/employee behavior and movement patterns
    Geo-spatial enabled query- Complex Geo-spatial queries and advanced relations
    Push notifications across device platforms
App experience; storing data or integrating data
    Cloudant NoSQL DB-distributed data store
    Back-end integration-HTTP, SAP,SQL,JMS,Custom; Server-side code in Java or     JavaScript
    Use open standards (REST, OAuth)
Offline sync - Disconnected experience, simplify replicating offline

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