Thursday, April 23, 2015

Would you pledge $50 to buy UDOO Neo?

Looks like an ideal hardware to have in your collection and used for developing IoT projects.

UDOO (sounds like voodoo) Neo seems to hold best of all stuff for IoT development. UDOO is in the Kickstarter stage and you could be an early well-wisher.
Their email shows that it has all of the following:
• Raspberry PI
• Arduino
• Wi-Fi
• BT 4.0
And Oh! Sensors.
Looks like they garnered $15k in under 11 minutes.
Coming to realities, it is credit-card sized, low-cost, low-power guzzler and Open source and can run both Android and Linux &&& Arduino-compatible.

It can be used 3 ways:

• As a Full-fledged computer
• As an Arduino compatible micro-controller
• As an embedded computer -IoT

It comes in flavors, UDOO Neo Basic and UDOO Neo with very little pledge range.
Even the features of the basic unit are attractive:
• 512 MB Ram
• One USDB Port
• One Micro-USB OTG Port
• HDMI Video Output  for LVDS
• Wi-Fi module
• Bluetooth 4.0  module
• Analog & Digital camera connection
• 54 GPIOs
• Micro SD card for OS
In addition to all of the above, the UDOO Neo also has fast Ethernet and 9-axis motion sensors embedded with 1GB RAM instead of 512 MB.
If all of this are present, I think I would pledge.
For specific details go the originators at these sites:, and of course,

Here is  UDOO Video n You Tube.

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