Monday, April 27, 2015

WinJS 4.0 is in preview. Get it now!

WinJS is a cross-platform JavaScript library for building HTML5/CSS/JavaScript applications across devices. When it was announced first in 2014 it was Open Sourced. The version in preview is 4.0.

The feature set got beefed up with the following: (
  • Universal experiences: UI controls will scale or translate among various devices without having to go through significant rewrites.
  • Addition of controls: ContentDialog, SplitView, AutoSuggestBox and ToolBar controls are now available; Hub and Pivot controls and other controls are updated.
  • AngularJS Support: An AngularJS-WinJS wrapper allows WinJS-originated code to be used in AngularJS projects.
  • ListView Improvements: "ListView is a signature control for WinJS," according to the Windows blog. As such, its capabilities have been streamlined to work almost identically from mouse- to touch-enable device: multi-selection, lists in alternating stripes, progressive loading of elements in a list, to name a few.
You can (WinJS4.0 and full feature list) download from here ().

There is also an online playground here:

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