Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Getting the Dream Factory backend - Part 2

The Dream Factory provides RESTful services for your applications. Given a datasource, any datasource The Dream Factory generates a comprehensive, secure REST Api which will be your backend that you can use to build frontend applications. It provides for scripting and customization.

You can get started at this site here:

You can develop on your own computer or if you have a Cloud Platform subscription such as Windows Azure, Google or Amazon you can develop it there.

After starting from the above link you need to register to use the platform as well as download SDKs. The following couple of screen shots shows the steps.

You first get an instance of the DreamFactory Service Platform(DSP). You can customize name or use the one provided (default)

Click CreateDSP. The dsp-hodentek-45946 gets created.

Click Launch in the above screen. You need activation and provide the username, password you provided earlier while interacting with the site.

Click Activate.

You may have to provide login info one more time. It takes a little while processing the credentials.
 Now you are in. You have to choose an Application ID and choose how you want to create the app, Native or browser based.

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