Tuesday, April 28, 2015

ConnectTheDots.io project provides a jumping board to Microsoft Azure IoT

Event Hubs, Stream Analytics, Azure HDInsight and Machine Learning are the components of Microsoft's way of doing IoT. However these 'words' may be little too much for those who want to toy with IoT and somewhat intimidating.

With ConnectTheDots.io, an open source project initiated by Microsoft Open Tech a playground is available to get started with Microsoft Azure Services  IoT projects. Makers, IoT geeks, systems engineers and enterprise developers can all participate. The cloud is the brain.

ConnectTheDots.io provides simple, step-by-step procedure to connect your device to Microsoft Azure via RaspberryPi and Arduino Interfaces. The next example is from SLAC at Stanford University where a huge amount of data is being sent to Azure Cloud for Analysis. This 'Proof of Principle' should encourage all National Laboratories to come on board with their control rooms replaced by simple, multiple connected handhelds.

Microsoft has demonstrated the hooking up the Microsoft wand (device) to Microsoft Azure. Read here:

Read more here:

The project has boiler plate codes to connect devices to Azure services mentioned earlier and help coming up with a website to show the response from the devices. Of course data-analysis is an integral part of the project.

The project is expected to grow as more sensors/devices are developed

Begin here to learn:

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