Sunday, January 25, 2015

Jump start your IoT development with Intel XDK IoT

You are a hobbyist; curious student or a developer-entrepreneur then you must get this kit to jump start your IoT development.

This is still in Beta but it has everything you need in terms of hardware, software, tools and forums to guide you through.

IoT dev kit is a subset of Intel IOT.

The kit consists of the following as seen here:

1) Hardware components (Intel® Galileo and Intel® Edison boards, shields, sensors, actuators)

(2) Software image and/or the software packages

(3) Support for various IDEs allowing you to program in your favorite language

      (Eclipse, Intel XDK IoT Edition, Arduino & Wyliodrin)

(4) Cloud services for a data management and analytics

(5) Additional tools and solutions for optimization and performance

      (Intel System Studio for IoT & Wind River VxWorks for Makers)

Get your Intel XDK IoT Edition here:

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