Monday, December 08, 2014

There are two plans of Azure RemoteApp starting December 11,2014

So far it was on preview, which means free. Now there are two plans as shown below from this site here,

Read the FAQ at the above link for gnawing questions.
  • Azure RemoteApp is priced per user and is billed on a monthly basis.
  • The service is offered in two tiers: Basic and Standard. Basic is designed for lighter weight applications (e.g. for task workers). Standard is designed for information workers to run productivity applications.
  • Pricing: Each service has a starting price per user that includes 40 hours of service per user. Thereafter, a per hour charge is applied for each user hour up to a capped price per user. You will not pay for any additional usage beyond the capped price in a given month.
What's more,  Windows Phone 8.1 is supported too.
Of course Microsoft enabled running custom apps on Aqure RemoteApp service back in July 2014.
However this is available only in the highlighted datacenters.



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