Sunday, November 02, 2014

Move towards large-scale Azure adoption: Three more services in Azure Data Space

The three new services that should enhance adoption of Azure were introduced recently.

Read the detailed article by Scott Guthrie here:

The three new services and where to find them (in the portal) are shown here;
Event Hubs:         Ingesting and storing data from websites, client apps and IoT sensors
Stream analytics: Cost-effective, event processing to expose real time info from data streams
Data Factory:      Deal with diverse data and move them

The last two services are in public preview whereas Event Hub is in GA.

You can find these services as shown in the following images as they are not present together under one heading in the portal(s):

Event Hubs

Stream Analytics
A recent post described some aspects of the Stream Analytics here:
Data Factory
Previous post on Data Factory here:


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