Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What is driving Microsoft towards ARM for its servers?

It is now widely known that Microsoft may be turning towards ARM architecture for its servers.

What is driving it?

First of all it is not just Microsoft, many others have gotten on to the bandwagon according to the following:

ARM has proven to be good at being simpler and extremely energy efficient and if all the servers in all the datacenters can be replaced the savings would be enormous. Microsoft has tried ARM in its tablet. However they have not been that popular.
The dwindling PC sales my get a new lease of life with better laptops needing fewer charges.  Having two or three different architectures and couple of versions of OS makes it hard for the customers.

Going forward how is Microsoft going to shape its one platform, Windows 10 for all devices. Will it be x86 or ARM?

Of course, Microsoft has not come out with any news related to ARM being used for its servers.

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