Thursday, March 06, 2014

Red Hat steps into Microsoft's turf

Red Hat steps into Microsoft's turf offering a PaaS consisting of Microsoft.NET and SQL Server. This service is going to be offered (not ready yet) on Red Hat's OpenShift platform with UHURU software providing the code support. Open source UHURU was started by former MSFT Employees.

About OpenShift:

When it starts working, Red Hat Open Shift will use Microsoft.NET and SQL server 'cartridges' on windows Server by itself or as a virtual server. In effect you can have a Microsoft.NET Cartridge to pair with third part database 'cartridge' allowing a great deal of flexibility. Of course OpenShift would orchestrate the various cartridges.
Microsoft does offers LINUX distributions but not Red Hat. Could this be the driving force?
About UHURU:
Visit Uhuru's web site here:
Key feature of UHURU in its own words:
"The Uhuru AppCloud is a new way to think of Cloud Computing for people who need to deploy web applications. Instead of messing with provisioning and configuring servers, just focus on writing great software and let the PaaS take care of the servers. Unlike other PaaS offerings, the Uhuru AppCloud doesn’t lock you in to service providers, programming languages or platforms."
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