Monday, March 03, 2014

Publishing to a Web site from VS 2013 is easy

Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Express for Web (which is free) can be used to create a new web site application and pulish to a web site.

The steps are easy to follow and shown here:

Step 1. Launch VS 2013 Express for Web.

Step 2: Click from File -->New Website

Step3: Create a ASP.NET Web Forms application in File System . This will be using ASP.NET 4.5 SP1

Step 4: Right click Web application to display the following

Step 5: Click Publish Web site. You need to create a Profile


Step 6: Click the handle for import (not the ellipsis button)

Step 7: In the drop-down click <New Profile...> and provide a name. Click Publish.

The Publish Web page is displayed. VS 2013 Express for Web publishes using the Web Deploy method by default.

Step 8: Provide the information and you are all set.

Visual Studio 2013 Express for Web might also have a problem as it fails to open an existing web site.

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Biker Bob said...

I used all of your steps except I set up the profile to use the file system for deployment, as I will then copy the files (DLL, aspx) to the website on the development server. However, VS 2013 Express does not produce any DLL files (this is a website project inside the solution, not a web application project). No errors, just no actual file output. I can build and run the website on my local machine. Thanks. Protection Status