Tuesday, March 25, 2014

If you are shopping for Smart Phones, check out HTC M(8)

HTC M(8) is 'SmartPhone of the day'. It is out and you can get it. It challenges  similar phones recently released such as Samsung Galaxy s5 and Nexus 5. They are all in the ball park for most of the specs (details in my other blog, http://hodentekMobile.blogspot.com) except some minor variation in physical dimensions and operating system the same for all three, Android KitKat.

Quite a bit of price differential between Nexus 5 and M(8). Of course M(8) has superior camera optics and software; and sound

The color choices, if you want to actually  buy, are limited to Gunmetal Gray and Glacial Silver. Although you can buy from AT&T, Verizon and Sprint, only Verizon can provide you the Glacial Silver. All carriers have similar plans.

Nice cool feature of HTC M(8) is that it can release you from a remote, M(8) it can be used as a remote. It has some very attractive APPS: HTC BlinkFeed; HTC Boom Sound (this appears to be big deal) and SenseTV.

More technical details on my other blog:

Here is a screen shot of M(8) from this site here:

Note: HodentekMobile blog is not endorsing Verizon, just an example how much it would cost to buy on a plan. Device only is in the range of  $699.00 to $749.00 give or take a dollar.

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