Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Surf Better after Removing the BetterSurf PUP from your computer

BetterSurf a potentially unwanted program (PUP) is a nuisance if you are using computer infected with it. It can make life miserable for all kinds of browsers, IE, Chrome and Mozilla. Your browsing experiene becomes a nightmare.

If your computer is infected you will notice it rightaway. There are all kinds of text highlighting which when hovered over displays other programs promising you all kinds of things. Then there are windows poping up up/down and sideways.

They really should have called it LousySurf instead of BetterSurf.

When you rightclick and look at the properties sometimes you notice that it came from BetterSurf.

Search for BetterSurf in TaskManager will not yield results as it is 'shy' and calls itself by some other name. However you can look for it in the Windows Registry.

Getting rid of it is not easy as you may be called upon to install other programs that may bring more harm than good. After trying to get rid of it without using these other programs I was able to get rid of it for the moment using Microsoft Security program.

The same site as the previous after removing this program:

The details are here:

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