Thursday, February 13, 2014

Oracle Eloqua is about marketing from the cloud

The long and short of marketing is that traditional marketing (in-person) is too expensive to be effective. Oracle takes marekting to the clouds. The influencers to call upon in in-person marketing has grown to include health care providers, payors and those who influence prescriptions and to provide a personalized communication to each of these is challenging.

Oracle has announced Oracel Eloqua for Life Sciences to day. Details of Oracle Eloqua can be found here:

The data sheet of Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences can be found here:

Here is what Oracel Eloqua for Life Sciences in Oracle's own language

"The Oracle Eloqua for Life Sciences Marketing Cloud Service solution helps pharmaceutical and biotechnology manufacturers marketing professionals systematically design and deliver relevant marketing content that promotes brand and products, satisfies compliance and audit requirements, increases revenue, and reduces costs"

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