Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Oracle analytic module to optimize global customs and compliance operations

For optimizing Global Customs and Compliance Operations Oracle has introduced the Oracle Global Trade Intelligence, a new analytic module.

In Oracle's own language:

Effective decision-making is vital to the success of any compliance organization. Oracle Global Trade Intelligence, Oracle’s customs & compliance focused business intelligence solution, promotes better supply chain decisions by providing greater insight into both internal operations and trading partner performance. Oracle Global Trade Intelligence provides you with the information needed to understand what’s happening in your business so you can achieve your organizational goals.

Get a copy of this data sheet 'ORACLE GLOBAL TRADE INTELLIGENCE Data Sheet '

GTI areas covered-excerpt from the data sheet. (Please note, the blog author has changed the listing order.)

Restricted Party List Screening,
Sanctions and Embargoes,
Regulatory Controls,
License Assignment,
Exemptions Used,
Country of Origin,
Documents Required

Total Shipments,
Total Sales Orders,
Total Purchase Orders,
Gross Weight and Net Weight,
Average Gross Volume and Net Volume

Total Cost,
Declared Value,
Billed Amount,
Freight Charges
User Workload:
Item Classification,
Restricted Party List Screening,

Process Analysis:
Business Divisions,
Product Families,
Regions and
Calendar and Fiscal Periods,
Status Updates,

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