Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Moving your site from one hosting provider to another

Sometimes you may want move over your website hosting from one vendor to another. The reasons may be many, one of which is your bottom line, cost and options.You want to transfer your site content from the old hosting provider to the new hosting provider.

You have to purchase hosting plan with the new provider and get everything needed to run your site. You will have to consider the operating system, the servers (version and other details), email and media service, programming language or languages, the database support, database platform, content managemnt etc.

Once you buy a plan you will get access to your hosting site's control panel where you should get acquainted with all the details like http, ftp, database server access, email and the various authentcation information etc..

If you are moving a site then you already have a domain name. You may wish to use the same domain name or get a new one.

 If you are using the same domain name you should get (the new hostings provider will provide) a temporary site for making the transition.

As to moving the contents you can use any ftp program and you may find a number of them on the internet. Some of them are free. Here are what lifehacker considers five best ftp clients.

 Read here if you are trying to move your ASP.NET site.  The website was moved using the FTP support in Visual Studio 2013 Express for Web.


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