Thursday, December 19, 2013

Get performance analysis of your site with this free tool from Compuware

                 Compuware APM AJAX version 4.3 Edition gives a very comprehensive view of the performance of your web application, be it a site, a blog or anything on the internet which can be accessed with an URL. You can quickly trace and profile web apps and understand performance characteristics, hot spots, loading times, and many more. Finding what is causing performance is one of the key things one wants to know and how their pages render is always of concern.
Review the full capabilities here:

This edition, 'Compuware AJAX Edition Version 4.3' is free and you can download it from here and start off with a msi file.

All you need to do is install, launch and point it to an URL of the site you want to trace, voila it is done.

Here are few screen shots that may help you out. I did try to see how my blog loads on IE 10 and MOZILLA 25.
You start from Step 1

This launches your chosen browser and the rest of the processing you do not even see. The results are available in the navigational side as shown above.
 Here is what I found for my blog on two of the browsers on my computer.

This is a summary of report and you can go to each of the KPI's and look at the details.
While you are on this page, review the following link:


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