Monday, December 30, 2013

Big Data generation 1: India's Aadhar Project

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By December 6, 2013 Aadhar had captured demographic and biometric data of over 500,000,000 Indian residents for India's Unique Identification project. This is the largest biometric database in the world. as in everything else there are critics and the criticism has been directed against choosing MongoDB for data capture and Management. MongoDB is a document-centric, NoSQL database which relies on tables allowing easy integration with some applications. It has been used by many organizations besides GOI (Government of India's Aadhar)such as eBay, New York Times and others. The reason for criticism is that MongoDB raised funding from in-Q-Tel ( Presently it appears most of the data is stored on MySQL (found good for scalable demographic data) and perhaps still some on MongoDB for images.

Leaving aside these political developments UIDAI (Unique Identification Authority of India) is an ambitious project that will make life easy for its inhabitants by reducing the time it takes for the citizens to avail of the entitlements which in the past has been brokered by middlemen with vested interests and corrupt businesses. This is just the beginning.

Present size of database is around 5 petabytes which may grow to 15 petabytes.

Even as the database is growing it has already been used to link up 40 million bank accounts to make payments easier. More APPS are in the works to leverage this humongous database.

This was also recently aired on US TV on CNN as 'Fareed Zakaria to take viewers to India on Sunday for a look at a nation at crossroads' where he interviews tech entrepreneur Nandan Nilkeni.

Nandan Nilekeni on Aadhar

Here are some highlights of Aadhar showing screen shots and videos:

This post is basically made to bring to Hodentek audience who might have missed (the Aadhar news or Zakaria's TV show) this important technical development in India which touches upon Big Data Generation. Any use of the graphics used in this post are governed by the terms of use as referred to here:

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