Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Browser performance benchmarked with EtchMark and Chalkboard

There are a number of benchmarking applications from Microsoft that test browser performance. You can access all of them here: including the latest EtchMark.

You click draw and it draws the logo from scratch and the time is displayed in seconds. You can also use the two knobs in the bottom of the frame to draw your own picture. It's somewhat sluggish with mouse and arrow keys in IE 10. IE 11.0 is still TBD (I have not tested).
All this were tested on Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) connected to Internet via Wi-Fi.

Here are the results for IE, Mozilla and Safari. Mozilla is SLOW and Safari fares better
IE Version  
1st time 11.89 
2nd time 16.28 with Task Manager on
3rd time 12.06 with Task Manager on

Firefox 24.0
1st time: 105.49
2nd time: 95.78
3rd time: 99.99
(*90.05 on version 25)

Safari 5.1.7(7354.57.2)--Does not support Audio tag
1st time: 28.33
2nd tie: 28.46
3rd time: 27.33

On a different program called chalkboard the performance is as shown for IE and Mozilla and it did not work for Safari as it does not support audio tag (What that has to do with this program?)

Chalkboard benchmark

Mozilla 25



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