Friday, August 16, 2013

HTML5 and browser support

Looks like Google Chrome acquits itself admirably!

This site (link) tests browsers for the support they provide for
HTML5. The following quoted from the site describes the
criteria for testing.

"The score is calculated by testing for the many new features
of HTML5. Each feature is worth one or more points. Apart from
the main HTML5 specification and other specifications created
the W3C HTML Working Group, ...etc.

The test also awards bonus points for supporting audio and
video codecs and supporting SVG or MathML embedding in a plain
HTML document. These test do not count towards the total score
because HTML5 does not specify ...etc."

Please access the site for further details here:

These are some of the browsers I use and I am not sure they are
the latest.

Looks like Google Chrome acquits itself admirably while Safari is trailing. Firefox is catching up fast.

Little over a year ago, things were different and IE (8) was trailing Chrome by a large margin,

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