Monday, August 26, 2013

Good job Bing, Well done!

Bing translator is awesome

I just added an HTML gadget to my blog which serves up the Bing Translator. It looks great. I tried to see how well it translates the languages with some of the languages that I am somewhat familiar with  (Portuguese, French, German, Japanese and Hindi) and found it pretty good. Of course certain things are language specific and idioms are not easy to translate. Translations to western languages are perhaps more successful than into non-European languages.  I am sorry to say, the run of the mill translating jobs will slowly disappear. The bright side is editing jobs will increase.

You have an option of some 41 languages to choose from to read my blog. Just click the drop-down control on the Translate with Bing and choose the language. It can be set to change manually or set automatic in which case it will open in the browser's language.

With just a click you can add this functionality to your blog, get it from here,

Here is an example of my blog translated into Japanese.

While most of the translated material is some what verbatim and therefore does not have the  natural touch, the meaning is easily discernible.

Note how 'walk in the park' is translated verbatim into 'Koen de Sanpo'.

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