Sunday, December 16, 2012

Microsoft makes it easy to customize Lightswitch themes and Shell

You really need your own shell and themes to present your company to public via Lightswitch. Microsoft's earliest offering in Lightswtich was a stnadard theme and shell. Of course users clamored and extensions were provided so that customers can build their own themes and shell.

Most recently Microsoft has released source code for the Cosmopolitan Shell and theme. You can download the source code here(

Microsoft has made it easy to build custom shells and themes with the above release. Now you can use it as a template and make some minor tweaks easily without going into a lot of hazzle. If you want to know how it was done earlier you can read my book on Lightswitch which describes step-by-step how to accomplish it.

In order to build custom theme you need at a minimum the following:

Visual Studio 2012 (Professional or above)
Visual Studio 2012 SDK
Lightswitch Extensibility Toolkit for VS 2012

Read more from Joe Binder's blog here:

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