Monday, May 21, 2012

What is common between and Nuclear Fusion?

Perhaps a lot, perhaps, just a coincidence! But Jeff Bezos name is associated with both. His connection to needs no explanation, but I came across his name in a document at the following site,

I believe that the connection is true since Jeff Bezos is such a bright and forward looking guy. If the name turns out to be a coincidence, I ask forgiveness.

Nuclear Fusion has been touted as the future of mankind for its energy requirements. Despite spending untold resources; thousands of brilliant people in dozens of countries participating, fusion energy has not been realized beyond the breakeven levels.

This new idea from GeneralFusion may turn out to be the solution although it is still in its very early stages. Perhaps Jeff can see into the future.

Thank you Michael Reusch for bringing this news item to my attention:

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