Friday, March 16, 2012

Visual Studio 2011 Beta installation is unbelievably trouble free

Hats off to the team that packaged this! It went so smoothly, I was amazed.

Considering my rather messy old computer with many broken programs hanging around; the fact that I had managed to bring back the computer after most of my desktop items had disappeared and the fact that it was downloaded on an extremely flaky WIFI connection in a studio apartment with router located several hundred feet away, I would say it was the most problem free installation I have seen in years. However, believe me it took 2 whole days!!

You download the following file from here,

You can either save or run. I saved it to the 'Downloads' directory and then double clicked the executable to start the process. The installation takes place in two stages; in the first, all the necessary programs are downloaded and in the second they are all installed. This may take considerable time depending on the speed of your connection and the condition of your computer. Mine was a 4 to 5 year old ASPIRE 4810TZ-4011 loaded with lots and lots of Microsoft and other stuff (a junkyard). It is an Intel 32-bit machine running Windows 7 Ultimate with 1.3 GHZ having 3.00 GB memory.

The installation added so much stuff into my ControlPanel / Programs /Programs and Features that I had to specially prepare the next figure that shows everything that got installed.

After the installation you may have to restart the computer to update all the added stuff. At this point perhaps you should create a restore point since all this is going to stay for a couple of months.
The installation also adds shortcuts to the various programs that you can start using to Start | All Programs as shown.

You just need to double click the Visual Studio 11 Beta shortcut in the above to start the program as shown which brings up the splash screen.

From here it takes quite a bit of time before you can start and you will be presented with the following screen where you choose your preferred environmental settings.

After choosing your settings the Start Visual Studio button gets enabled and now you click this. The user interface opens presenting the familiar windows with panels and the main menu. OK, now you can start programming.


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