Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Visual Studio 11 Beta has lotsa stuff

Sorry for using a slang, but Visual Studio 11 Beta has lots of project types / templates.

Basically you have 3 ways to access projects. You can access recent projects, or use installed templates or download from online links. You do all these from within the IDE.
You will find the projects you have created under recent projects and perhaps you may be able to limit the items you want to see here. Let’s see later if this is indeed possible.

The installed templates are really huge. You have almost everything you want here. LightSwitch, Silverlight, MVC, Cloud, everything that Microsoft has pursued (dreamed up) so assiduously in all these years since the advent of ASP.NET in the 2000's.  Extensibility, Setup and Deployment projects are not left out either. I think this is pretty comprehensive and perhaps will keep me burning the proverbial mid-night oil. I hope the use of these programs is as free of problems as the installation. Even SQL Server Database projects are available under the ‘Other Languages’' node. Here is a screen shot of what you find here. Observe all the fancy new icons. Hey! Who said the UI is not pretty, I was tired of the blue look and this is a welcome change.

You can also access projects on the internet which you find on the internet option as shown here.

More on the intersting stuff later. So long.

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