Tuesday, August 09, 2011

RSSBus Data Provider for LightSwitch

Extensions are being created very fast to integrate external data with LightSwitch applications. The following link to the Video shows a demo. It runs very fast but you get the idea.


* You use the same LightSwitch wizard to bind to data
* The data provider provides you with data that look like SQL Tables
* Supports CRUD operations

The following data providers were listed:
1. QuickBooks Data Provider for LightSwitch
Should be great for those who manage money and the bean counters
2. Google Data Provider for LightSwitch
Mining the Google stuff
3. Salesforce.com Data Provider for LightSwitch
Use your competition to make money
4.PowerShell Data Provider for LightSwitch
This should be fun for the scripting guys.

Welcome, more extensions!

Note the comments in red are not from the above site.

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