Saturday, August 06, 2011

On errors and mistakes, both public and private

The errors committed by various organizations, both public and private are quite appalling. Is it because the agencies (organizations) do not screen their employees? Is it because of corrupt databases? Or is it because off software bugs? Just watch one of the most popular TV (news) channels’, news that streams into your TV at the bottom of the screen and you can have a hilarious day with the type of mistakes they make. You wonder if they had too little time to edit them or what?
 The recent $2 trillion mistake (later corrected providing a reason) is only one of the many things that hit the headlines. There are property inspection reports that are erroneous, date of birth mistakes, mistakes in SSN, errors in bank withdrawals etc. In a recent application prepared especially for me, as the cover letter stated, my birth date was 9/2/3194 and of course the SSN was wrong too. I am sure you have found the errors in many of your transactions too.  
It is unbelievable that organizations can let this happen in this age of improved communications and streaming data at the speed of light.

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