Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Much anticipated LightSwitch Beta 2 was released today

The Beta 2 of Microsoft LightSwitch a RAD developer tool was released today for full story read here:
Two significant features:
In this Beta one could publish a LightSwitch application to the Windows Azure Platform (promised in Beta1)
Extensibility to go beyond what is availbale out-of -the box (You need Visual Studio Professional at a minmum)
The audience:
Business analysts and power users (no novices) who are tired of using Excel, Access etc
The Wizard is the king in this program and he does all the heavy lifting and you don't even notice a thing.
Well in Beta 1 the Wizard had his problems and hope we have a more robust wizard.
These following are available for MSDN Subscribers and I will have to sweat it out till the lowly ones like myself can download.

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