Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Improved Publishing in LightSwitch Beta 2

Publishing LightSwitch application in Beta 1 had presented some challenges in some cases. Review the following posts:
This time around I hope the problem has been resolved. I am not sure if this was due to installing VS2010 SP1 but the problem remained even after removing the SP1.
As promised, publishing to WIndows Azure now seems to be possible. Addionally users can leverage SQL Azure for parking their data used in LightSwitch applications thus getting all the needed stuff in one place. Jump start on your SQL Azure skills (Read my book: )
In Beta 1 you needed to add a Windows User while designing the application for those applications you chose Windows Authentication. Now the application can take in any of the Windows Users without the need to including them explicitly while designing the application. However, User authorization (authorization to use resources) are controlled from within the applicaiton.
Now you have clients and Application server.
Two languages to develop your application:
Visual Basic
Two authentication schemes:
(Unauthenticated can also be deployed).
For clients you have two options:
Desktop (~ Intranet)
Web        (~ Internet)
Application Server
1. On end user machine
2. Hosted on a IIS Server
3. Hosted on Windows Azure
This post is based on the MSDN article at:
Certain of the comments in this post are my own.
Please note that if you have invested time developing with Beta 1 they are not compatible with Beta2. Perhaps you need to redo.
Review this post:

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