Sunday, January 09, 2011


I was surprised that COBOL is still living and kicking. Perhaps my ignorance (I have since read up on the developments since 2002). The reason being, I taught Microsoft web technology and JavaScript to a bunch of COBOL programmers back in 2000 who had massively lost their jobs (mainframe) in the previous years. They were charmed at everything related to WEB and they had no idea of HTML or XML but were very good at keyboard.

Looks like Microfocus and Fijitsu carried the torch, so to say, since 2002 and still continue to do so. COBOL should have gotten its fair share of Business related activities (all this buzz about business) and .NET support should have been provided even earlier, and by this time it could have found a place on the cloud and COBOL programmers could have kept their jobs.

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